Climate change engineering problems

The rise of sea levels and the increase in extreme weather events associated with climate change is resulting in many challenging engineering problems.  Coastal erosion is an obvious problem and we have been involved in many seawall assessments providing advice for remediation to either repair or extend the life of the structure.  We are also experienced in slope stability and erosion assessments of soil and rock coastal slopes.   We have been able to provide useful recommendations to several councils to help them manage coastal erosion issues.

In low areas of Melbourne, such as Port Melbourne, local government now requires new developments to be constructed at a higher level as a flood protection measure.  Higher levels often require the placement of extra fill, which can cause significant settlement of the compressible Yarra Delta sediments.  We have extensive experience in predicting settlements, which often enables the use of high level footings instead of expensive deep footings.

After the Creswick Creek floods in 2010 and 2011, we were involved in various flood recovery projects in the area.  We are able to help with emergency works and long term remediation for any flood affected areas.